Hey, it can happen that your messages don't come in, and there can indeed be a bug. However, before you contact us, we'd like you to check the following:

First, check your filters. Are they activated? Click clear to get rid of all selected filters.

Filters - Vertical view:

Filters - Horizontal view:

Second, check whether the dates of the expected messages are within the past 30 days. We only keep messages for 30 days. However, any tags that you have created, and other analytics are saved forever.

Third, take note: is it only happening to messages from a specific integration(s) or is it for all of your messages? If the reviews in question are from TripAdvisor, especially if you are a new user, check when it was connected. We normally have to wait 24 hours before data comes in. Also, please note that we can only display the 3 latest reviews from Yelp.

Fourth, Have you tried refreshing the page?

Fifth, how about reconnecting your social media? Click here for the article on connecting and disconnection your social media and review integrations.

Sixth, you might eventually want to logout and log back into the app. Click here for the article on logging in and out of the app.

Seventh, check after the hour. For all of the integrations we have an HOURLY cron job. This means that at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm - the latest data is pulled in.

Finally, if all else fails, contact us on [email protected] or chat to us on the chatbox on the bottom right of your screen.

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