You can publish new posts to your social media accounts from AreTheyHappy to engage with your customers and maintain your online presence.

First, simply click on the Publisher header from anywhere in the app. You will be redirected to the compose page.

Composing Your Post

Step 1 - Select your Post Type

Once you access the Publisher page from the header link, you will be automatically greeted by the Post Type Selection screen of the Publisher. From here you can select from the following post types: Update, Event, Offer. Click the continue button on the post type tile that you want to publish.

Note: not all post types are available for all integrations. The post type tiles show the integration icon that you can post them out to.

Step 2 - Select Social Media Accounts

After selecting a post type, the next step is to select the social media accounts you want to publish your post to.

The integrations panel on the left (A) shows the different platforms that you can post out to based on the post type you selected. A counter is also shown to indicate how many accounts you selected per integration.

The accounts panel on the right (B) allows you to select individual accounts. The accounts are displayed in a hierarchy view and shows the names of the groups and locations that you have configured for your company. For ease of use, groups and locations that are not linked to the available integrations for the publisher are filtered out on this list.

Once you have selected the accounts you want to post out to, click the Compose Post button.

Step 3 - Compose Post Details

Now, we’ve ready to fill out the details of your post!

From here you can now add the following to your post:

  • Name - this is the title of your post that will be saved in AreTheyHappy. This title is only used internally in AreTheyHappy and will not be published to your social media accounts. By default, your post title is “My Post” so don’t forget to give your post a descriptive name.

  • Topics - these are tags that you can add to your post. The post topics can be used to group or categorize similar posts so they can be easily searched or filtered. This field is optional.

  • Media Items - you can upload images or videos to be published with your post. Each integration has different rules and validations when it comes to media files. For each integration we show a label below the media item section that details the allowed number of files, extensions, etc.

  • Caption - write the text that you want to publish on your post. Each integration has different limitations on the number of characters allowed per post. As you type, a small character counter will appear on the lower right corner of the text area to show how many more characters you can add to your caption.

Note: you can upload media and texts per integration. You can customize your posts to individual integrations on a single AreTheyHappy post. You will no longer be forced to use the same images and captions for all integrations.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a preview section for each integration. This mimics how each integration will show your post on their platform.

Each integration you selected is displayed as a tab on the compose area. The different platforms also show the number of accounts you selected for each.

Next to each integration name is a green or red dot that indicates whether a specific integration is ready to publish or not. For example, if your Instagram post detail has an empty Caption, the tab will show a red dot. Once you fill out all mandatory fields, the dot will turn green.

Note: to learn more about the different post types, please visit our Publisher Article Collection.

When you’re ready, you can click on the “Schedule Post” button to proceed to the next step.

Step 4 - Publish, Schedule, or Save Post

Now that you have the details of your post ready, you can now Publish, Schedule or Save your post.

Publish your Post Immediately

If you want to Publish your post immediately, click on the Publish Now button on the upper right corner of the page. A loader will appear and your post will then be published to the different social media platforms.

Scheduling your Post

If you want to schedule your post to be published sometime in the future, you can select a specific time slot on the calendar for each integration.

To assign your post to a time slot, you can either drag and drop the post tiles or click on the time slot on the calendar.

To use the drag and drop feature, simple drag one of the post tiles from the left side of the screen onto the time slot that you prefer. Once you release the tile on a time slot, the integration icon will be displayed on the calendar with an X icon. You can click the X icon to remove the post from the calendar. You can also click and drag the integration icon to move it to another time slot.

You can also add your post to the calendar by clicking on a time slot. Hover over a specific time slot on the calendar (the slot will be highlighted with gray to show which slot you are currently hovering over) and click to open a pop up.

The pop up window will show the selected time slot (date & time), and the different integrations for your post. Scheduled integrations will show the time slot that they belong to, while unscheduled integrations will show the “not scheduled” label.

Click on an integration to schedule it on that time slot. The selected integrations will show a checkmark beside it. Click Confirm to save your changes.

Once you have added all integrations to the calendar, you can now click on the Add to Queue button. Remember that your scheduled post will not be finalized until you do so and leaving the page will revert all changes to your post.

Note: if your scheduled post encounters an error during publishing (connection or network issue with the integration), the AreTheyHappy Publisher will retry every 10 minutes.

Save your Post as Draft

Alternatively, you can Save your post as Draft and resume working on it another time.

To do this, click on the downward arrow next to the Publish/Schedule Post button, then click the Save as Draft option from the dropdown.

Post Drafts List

Once your post is saved, you can access it on the Drafts sub-section of the Publisher along with the other saved drafts.

The Publisher Drafts list shows each post as a tile with the following information:

  • Post Type (Update, Event, Offer)

  • Post Title

  • Topics

  • Created/Updated Timestamp

  • Liked Integrations - shows the number of individual accounts/pages for each integration as well.

From the list, you can perform the following actions on each post:

  • Preview - shows a quick preview modal of the post

  • Rename - change the title and topics of the post

  • Edit - open the composer to edit all information related to the post

  • Duplicate - create a duplicate copy of the post

  • Add to Queue - open the composer of the post, but redirect you to the scheduler/calendar page

  • Delete

Post Preview

Selecting the Preview option from the actions dropdown will show the post preview modal with three (3) sections: Preview, Profiles, History

Preview section

This shows the Post Preview similar to the composer. Each integration is shown as tabs so you can switch the post preview.

Post Profiles

This section shows the different accounts/pages selected for your post per integration.

Post History

This section shows the different Post Events related to your post.

An event will automatically be saved when you create and save your post draft. Every time you update/modify your post, another event will be saved and logged.

Each Post Event shows the following:

  • Person Responsible - shows the name and avatar

  • Event type - created, modified, publish

  • Timestamp

And that’s how you can Create, Schedule, or Publish your post from AreTheyHappy!

If you want to learn more about Publishing from AreTheyHappy, please visit our Help Desk collection for the Publisher

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