You can publish new posts to your social media accounts from AreTheyHappy to engage with your customers and maintain your online presence. 

First, simply click on the Publisher header from anywhere in the app. You will be redirected to the compose page.

Then, fill out the following details of your new social media post:

  • Post Title - a name that will be used internally in AreTheyHappy to easily manage posts
  • Media File* - you can add up to 4 images in your post OR 1 video file. (You cannot publish a post with both a video and an image)
  • Caption* - say what you like to engage with your customers and get the hype train moving! 
  • Category - this is an optional field to tag your post with a category to help you find or manage campaigns. You can add, edit and delete categories from within the compose page.

*- You will only be allowed to proceed to the next steps if one of the images and caption fields are filled out. 

Some social media platforms only allow you to add limited number of characters for your post captions (Twitter). We've got you covered! As you type in the caption of your post, there are counters below the caption field to show if you have gone over the character limits of the different social media platforms. 

As you carefully construct your work of art, you can view a post preview on the right side of the page. This shows how your post will look like in the different social media platforms.

Click the Next button to proceed.

Now, you can select which accounts you want to post out to. All of the social media accounts that you have access to will be listed here. Click on the toggle next to the accounts to select them individually or click the topmost toggle to select all accounts under that particular social media platform. 

Click the Next button to proceed to the final check. 

On the confirmation screen, you will again be presented with a preview of your post and a list of all the accounts you have selected. 

From here, you can perform the following actions:

  • Save as Draft - save your progress and live to publish your post another day.
  • Add to Queue - select a schedule to publish your post. You can still go back and edit the post before your selected publish schedule.
  • Publish - immediately publish your post to the selected accounts.


Image File Limits are currently set at 10MB.

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We hope this was helpful! If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the Intercom support chatbox on the lower right side of your screen.

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