This article explains what Smart Folders are and how you can save time by "batching your work." 🚀

A Smart Folder isn't really a folder. It is a saved "search" or  saved "filter." You can edit rules, combine messages from different locations and, unlike your inbox, which is personal to you, you can invite colleagues to collaborate. 🙌

The video below shows you how you can create, edit, rename and delete a Smart Folder.


Smart Folders have been created for:

  • businesses managing more than 1 concept / location, 

  • for franchises, and 

  • chains.


  1. In your inbox, click the bright green +Add Smart Folder button.

  2. Name the folder.

  3. Decide on the following filters: message type, social channel(s), and locations.

  4. The final step invites you to give other users access to your new Smart Folder.

  5. To rename, edit and delete, hover on your Smart Folder and click the ellipses menu. (See above video for further guidance.)

If you have further questions or any concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the Intercom support chatbox on the lower right side of your screen.

Happy batching! ;)

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