Now that you have had the chance to use AreTheyHappy to reach out to your beloved customers, let's talk about what data or insights you can gain from your interactions. In this article, let's dive into the Online Reputation Insights for your business location/s.

What is Online Reputation?

This is the section of the AreTheyHappy Insights where you and your team will be able to track how well an individual business location is performing based on the customer reviews that you receive on the different social media and review channels. 

To access this page, click on the Insights header, and then click select the location that you want to view from the location picker dropdown. (See image below.)

Note: when viewing the Reputations insights of a Company or a Group, you can also hover on a specific location on the Overview table then click on the highlighted arrow to dive in to that location.

Note: Be mindful of the selected period. The data shown on the page only reflects the reviews your location received within the date range shown on the upper right corner of the screen. The default period selected is "Last 30 days." (See image below.)

What kind of data will I be able to see?

The Online Reputation Insights page will display the following information:

  • Location Rating and NPS - these widgets show your selected location's (i) Cumulative Rating at the end of the selected period, (ii) Average Rating for the selected period, (iii) Cumulative NPS at the end of the selected period, and (iv) NPS for the selected period.

  • Channel Rating (Cumulative Avg. Rating) - these are your location's ratings on the different social media and review channels. Each rating represents the average rating of your reviews on a particular channel. What you see here should be the same total rating you see on the specific social media or review channel.

Note: For Facebook Recommendations, we calculate the rating score based on the total amount of positive recommendations divided by the total amount of negative recommendations.

  • Reputation Statistics - These graphs shows your location's (i) average rating, (ii) total reviews and (iii) sentiment. 

  • (i) Average Rating (Tab 1) - The Average Rating is the daily, weekly or monthly break down of your rating. For example: If you choose to look at your data over "The last 30 days," we break down your data on a daily basis. We take the total of all your reviews for that day and gives you the average. Let's say you had 5 reviews: one 3-⭐️, two 4-⭐️,  and two 5-⭐️reviews, that gives you an average daily score of 4.2⭐️ ((3+4+4+5+5) / 5 = 4.2).

  • (ii) Total Reviews (Tab 2) -The Total Reviews is the number of reviews received on  a particular day week or month. 

  • (iii) Sentiment (Tab 3) - The sentiment shows the number of reviews that were positive vs the number of reviews that were negative on a particular day week or month. 

How is the sentiment score calculated?

We note that some reviews are rated out of 10. In these instances, ratings out of 10 are converted into ratings out of 5. Then, a factor is applied to each one. (See following image)


Total Sentiment Score + Hypothetical Maximum) / (Hypothetical Maximum x 2)

See Example below:

For a deeper look into this section of the Online Reputation Insights, please stay tuned, we will be releasing another article shortly! :)

If you have further questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the Intercom support chatbox on the lower left side of your screen. 🙌We appreciate your feedback and promise to get back to you as soon as we can! ❤️🚀 If we take too long, just send us a quick reminder!

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