Let's now take a look at the Company and Groups Insights.

As the name suggests, this insights page shows aggregate information of the entire company or groups. This insights sub-dashboard allows you and the members of your team to have an idea how the different locations in your company or group are performing. 

To access this page, go to the Insights > Reputation screen, and select the company or group that you wish to view.

Note 1: Be mindful of the selected period. The data shown on the page only reflects the reviews a location has received within the date range selected in the upper right corner of the screen (see image below).

Note 2: The Global Branding Page and Groups are all excluded from the Company Insights. Only Locations with integrations connected to them are considered for the Company Insights.

Company Rating

The Company Rating widget shows (i) the overall cumulative rating of all locations within your company in a given period and (ii) the average location rating for the selected period. The overall cumulative rating is accounting all reviews your company received from the very beginning. 

The trend arrow shows how the cumulative  and average scores compare to the previous period, i.e. this month compared to last month, previous quarter compared to the quarter before that.

Score = [sum of all ratings] / [total number of channels]
Avg. Score =  [sum of all ratings for the period] / [total number of channels]

Note: All integrations are normalized into 5-star ratings. For instance, integrations that make use of a 10-point rating system (such as Formitable) will have their ratings divided by 2 to normalize the ratings into 5-star ratings. For Facebook, the total amount of positive recommendations are divided by the total amount of negative recommendations to calculate a rating score.

Best/Least Performing Locations

The Best and Least Performing Location widgets show the locations with the highest and lowest cumulative ratings for the selected period. The location names are displayed along with their cumulative ratings. Trend arrows indicate whether the location's ratings improved compared to the previous period.

Note: These locations will only come from the locations that your user account has access to.

For example, if your account only has access to locations within a group "Europe" then the Best/Least performing locations will not take into account locations outside the group Europe.

Clicking on either the Best/Least Performing Location widget will open a modal that shows the top/bottom 3 locations in your company/group. This pop up modal also shows additional information about the top/bottom locations.

Additionally, from this modal, you can click on a location on the list and you will be redirected to the Reputation page of that location.

Location Overview

In the Location Overview, you can view a list of all the locations that qualify for the Company or Group Insights. The locations in your company are ranked based on their scores in the Rating to Date column. 

The Avg. Rating column shows your locations' scores for the selected period.

You can view the Location Overview in two ways:

(1) All Review Channels:

  • (Column 1) # (Rank) - The # column ranks all locations within your company. The rank field also shows the movement within the list. A green arrow indicates that a location went up in ranking + by how many spots. A red arrow indicates that a location went down in ranking + by how many spots. 

  • (Column 2) Location Name - This details the name of the location. Note: updating your locations' names would automatically update the insights pages.

  • (Column 3) Rating - This column is your total cumulative rating. It is the average of of all the different integrations connected to your location. The arrows shows whether a locations' average rating has improved or not compared to the previous period. 

  • (Column 4) Average - This column shows the average rating of all reviews received by a location in the selected period. 

  • (Column 5) Ratings by Review Channel - The next columns show a locations' ratings per individual integration. The arrows show you whether ratings have improved or not compared to the previous period. 

(2) Specific Review Channels:

Note: You may notice some gaps in the first column (i.e. # or ranking), when you switch to a specific review channels. This is because the rankings for each location is always based on the "All Review Channels" view. We filter out locations that are not connected to the selected channel. 

The first 3 fields (Columns 1 to 3, i.e. # Rank, Location Name, Rating) are self explanatory. No changes here. 

  • (Column 4) From/To - shows your location's (a) rating from the very first day of the selected period and (b) the last day of the period. 

Take the following example (see image below): The selected period is "Previous Year." it shows the data from May 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021. The data under the From/To column shows 4.22 (427) --> 4.21 (429). This means that as of May 1, 2021 the rating was 4.22 out of 427 reviews, but by the end of the period, May 31, 2021, the rating was 4.21 out of 429 reviews.

  • (Column 5) Growth - this column shows the difference between the From rating and To rating in column 4, i.e. the rating at the start of the period and the rating by the end of that period.

Take the following example (see image below): Here, the location's Google rating for a specific period went from 4.22 at the start of the period to 4.21 by the end of that period. The Growth column reflects the change. Since this example shows a decline, the font color and the (down) arrow are coloured red. 

Now in the next example, the growth was positive. The font color and (up) arrow are coloured green.

Finally, in cases where there is no change in the rating at the start of a period compared to the end of that period, the font will be grey. There will also be a grey dash beside it. 

  • (Column 6) Lowest - this column shows the lowest rating that a location was rated in the selected period. 

  • (Column 7) Highest - this column shows the highest rating that a location was rated in the selected period.

  • (Column 7) Chart - This column shows a line graph which shows the ratings evolution for the selected period. A green line indicates a  positive trend. A red line a negative trend, gray no change.


Graph Controls

In this  section, we are going to cover the controls available to you. If you want to compare your locations' ratings to previous periods, you can cycle through them by clicking the Previous or Next buttons. You can see the active date range next to the buttons above page next to the period selector. 

Clicking the Reset button will revert the list to the latest data set.

Export an Excel Report

You can download an excel of the graph. The report is called the "Company Location Report (Excel)". The Company Location Report allows you to generate a spreadsheet containing the following information for every month included in the period that you select:

  • Location Rank

  • Overall Location Rating

  • Ratings for the different Review Channels

The Company Location Report will also have a sheet called "Ranking" to give you an overview of all locations in your company. The Ranking sheet shows the current ranking of all locations. 

The report can be generated with the different time periods:

  • Last Week

  • Last Month

  • Last Quarter (default)

  • Last Year

Note: Company insights are recalculated on a daily basis, any changes made to a location during the course of the day will only be reflected the next day.

Location Details

You may have noticed that clicking on a line pops open a modal. In this modal, you will see graphs for the location's (i) Average Location Insights, (ii) Cumulative Location Insights, and (iii) Reviews Distribution for the current year.

Alternatively, you can click on the Company Rating widget to show graphs for the entire company.

In the Average tab, we display the following information for you:

  • Average Rating for the selected period

  • New Reviews Added for the selected period

  • Key Takeaways (New Reviews, Rating at the start and end of the period, Highest/Lowest Average Rating)

Finally, you can navigate away from the modal: Clicking the "View Reputation" button  will redirect you to the Online Reputation Insights for that location. . Clicking the "View Tags" button will then bring you to the Tagging Insights for that location.

Phew, that's it for now! 🙌

If you have further questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the chat box on the lower left side of your screen. 🙌We'll respond as soon as we can. 🚀😊

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