• [auth] Authentication system has been extended to incorporate a refresh scheme.
  • [auth] User tokens now refresh automatically to keep the user logged in.
  • [settings] It is now possible to unset your default location.
  • [reporting] It is now possible to download a yelp deep-dive report.


  • [auth] User tokens now expire after 30 minutes, with a leeway of 10 minutes.
  • [auth] User refresh tokens expire after 1 month of inactivity. 
  • [auth] The activation resend view now incorporates the login gallery component and a link back to the login page. 
  • [settings] If no default location is set, the default will now be the global company.
  • [navigation] The company select button in the location dropdown has been restyled for more visibility and easier access. 
  • [integration] Yelp now shows the last 100 reviews for a connected account. 
  • [integration] Yelp reviews now show the full review with text/pictures/statistics (funny/useful/cool) and owner reply (if any). 
  • [integration] Yelp user status now shows the amount of posts/friends/pictures and whether or not the user is a ‘Yelp Elite’. 
  • [integration] Yelp review parsing for influencer/urgent folder is now based on the user’s amount of friends and/or elite status (influencer), and the review rating for urgency. 
  • [reporting] Company location report now includes yelp insights. 
  • [insights] Company insights now incorporate yelp insights into the visible widgets as well as the calculation of the location and company scores. 
  • [insights] Reputation insights now offer yelp as a selectable option and the page ratings. 
  • [general] Small styling changes to improve responsiveness displays across the platform. 
  • [user] The location unassign modal’s text has been changed to also show the name of the location/group that a user is being unassigned from, instead of ‘this group/location’ to improve clarity on mobile devices. 
  • [general] The logo has been updated in both the onboarding/loader/app to reflect the latest branding. 


  • [navigation] The legacy list view for the location dropdown has been removed in favor of the hierarchy view.
  • [inbox] The legacy list view for the locations filter has been removed in favor of the hierarchy view. 
  • [integration] Responding to Facebook recommendations has been temporarily disabled due to a bug on the Facebook platform. 


  • [publisher] An issue has been fixed where thumbnails for mp4-based drafts would not show up in modals and the drafts/queue/history pages. 
  • [publisher] An issue has been fixed where some mobile browsers would not allow you to go to the account selection step in the publisher. 
  • [teamtasks] An issue has been fixed where it was not possible on some mobile browsers to go to the next or previous month in the datepicker of the assign popover. 
  • [inbox] An issue has been fixed where the ‘completed on’ timestamp had the wrong minute displayed. 
  • [general] An issue has been fixed where special characters in translated text where incorrectly sanitized. 
  • [inbox] An issue has been fixed where the ‘frequently used tags’ section in the tags popover would not be correct in specific circumstances. 
  • [inbox] An issue has been fixed where the completed by filter did not work as expected.
  • [integration] An issue has been fixed where replying to a reply on a post would throw an error for Twitter.

If you have  questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the Intercom support chat box on the lower right side of your screen. 🙌We really appreciate our AreTheyHappy community, as well as your ongoing feedback! ️🚀 

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