For the techies among us, and of course, anyone who is generally interested, here's the end of sprint update from our amazing dev team. Thanks in particular to Peter for prepping the changelog. ❤️


  • [insights] Company insights now has an extra NPS widget displaying the culmination of all locations’ data in a single company-wide score.

  • [reporting] Deep-dive reports now have an overview sheet, displaying a listing of the locations that are part of the report and some highlights (average, nr of reviews, current rating).

  • [security] A Blacklist system has been added which is now actively blocking ~2100 fake email domains

  • [performance] Caching has been added to several of the most-used functionalities, which should improve performance across the application


  • [settings] The personal settings page will now ask if you want to save changes when trying to leave the page without saving

  • [insights] The selected period is now stored and will be reapplied when next visiting the page ( or refreshing the browser window )

  • [navigation] The show/hide empty locations toggle is now stored and will be reapplied when using the component

  • [teamtasks] The ‘Assigned To’ dropdown’s selected value is now stored and will be reapplied when using the component

  • [teamtasks] The ‘Assigned To’ dropdown has been moved to the navigation to mimic the insights pages

  • [onboarding] The onboarding now allows a user to ‘continue his onboarding’ even if he/she is not fully activated yet

  • [auth] The activation resend now has a custom error message for users that are already activated

  • [general] Small styling changes to improve experience/clarity app-wide

  • [inbox] Facebook feeds are now automatically patched when a change happens on Facebook and will be automatically refreshed in the inbox

  • [reporting] Weekly/Monthly/Standard PDF reports have been revamped for more clarity and increased usefulness


  • [smartfolders] The restriction of max 20 locations has been removed due to recent performance enhancements

  • [inbox] Due to popular request we have removed the pre-fill of username when replying to Facebook & Instagram own posts


  • [insights] A bug has been fixed where the displayed date in the Tags Choice Drivers component was not properly rendering on last 7/14/30 day periods

  • [inbox] A styling glitch has been fixed where action links (such as like, reply, ...) on posts would be squished together on smaller mobile screens

  • [inbox] A bug has been fixed where private messages would show the last message twice ( once as the first, once as the last 

  • [integration] A bug has been fixed where updating integration details for Google My Business errored out

  • [auth] A bug has been fixed where sending out invites would error in some edge-case scenarios due to race conditions.

As always, if you have  questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the support chat box on the lower right side of your screen. 🙌We really appreciate our AreTheyHappy community, as well as your ongoing feedback! ️🚀 

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