• [integration] Instagram Geotagged posts (aka ‘location tagged’-posts) are now part of the Instagram integration 

  • [reports] Weekly / Monthly PDF reports are now combined in a single email (rather than an email per location)

  • [email alerts] Weekly / Monthly email alerts now contain a visual overview of your location ranking (from best to worst)


  • [inbox] Due to popular demand the inbox now displays 2 months worth of data rather than 1 month

  • [integration] Google My Business (GMB) reviews now link back to the internal page for that review on GMB 

  • [integration] Tagged Instagram posts that are also geotagged will now show the location in the inbox detail 

  • [email alerts] Clicking on a group in the email alerts section now disables or enables the selected email alert type for all underlying locations

  • [reports] PDF reports for weekly/monthly emails are no longer added as attachments but as download links. This improves both performance and stability during email delivery

  • [reports] The reviews section of the PDF reports now shows the original date of publication

  • [reports] The review section of the PDF reports now has a link back to the original review 

  • [reports] The tags graph section of the PDF reports no longer displays an empty section if there was no tagging data during the period 

  • [reports] The reviews section now displays a note if there were no negative reviews during this period 

  • [reports/daily emails] The reviews section now prioritizes reviews with text over reviews without text 

  • [smartfolder] The smartfolder add/edit modals now uses a hierarchy rather than list view to display locations/groups 

  • [inbox filters] The locations filter now uses a hierarchy rather than list view to display locations/groups 

  • [user] The user detail/invite modals now use a hierarchy rather than list view to display locations/groups 

  • [insights] Small styling improvements for smaller screens to allow for better UX 

  • [inbox] Small styling improvements for smaller screens to allow for better UX

  • [inbox] The post tagger has been revamped to allow for an easier overview and faster access to individual tags


  • [integration] Replying to Facebook Recommendations has been re-enabled as the issue has been fixed on Facebook’s side 

  • [integration] Replies to Facebook recommendations other than the parent page’s comments are shown again. This only applies to first-level comments ( displaying a reply to a reply other than a reply from the parent page still does not work, we’re following up on this with the Facebook Engineering team:

  • [reports] We have re-added the top negative and top positive tags to the PDF reports 


  • [reports] The overview section of the PDF reports no longer shows a ‘neutral’ section as the calculations for this were deemed too inaccurate for the time being 

  • [inbox] The emoji picker has been removed for mobile devices in favor of using the native emoji picker. This both improves load times for the webapp and allows for easier editing


  • [tags] Fixed an issue where the default tags had a wrong translation for ‘Drinks’ with negative sentiment, existing tags have been migrated without loss of data 

  • [inbox] Fixed an issue where the message timestamp would not take timezones into account when liking/unliking on Facebook posts in certain circumstances 

  • [integration] Fixed an issue that prevented unknown TripAdvisor locations from being connected in certain edge cases 

  • [integration] Fixed an issue where Instagram user information did not show up for Instagram mentions due to a queuing issue 

  • [integration] Added a temporary workaround for Facebook Statistics data not coming in due to a bug on the Facebook API (for more info:

  • [insights] Fixed an issue where Location Scores/NPS (and subsequently company Scores/NPS) would lose precision in some edge-cases

  • [insights] Fixed an issue where Location Score/Company Score would be incorrect when Zomato is connected to the location 

  • [email alerts] Fixed an issue where daily email alerts would not display correctly in Gmail on Firefox 

  • [reports] Fixed an issue where reports that are fixed to a specific start/end date (not rolling period) would have reviews that were after the end date

  • [reports] Graphs in the reports now correctly group data on a per day/week/month basis depending on the selected period

If you have  questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by clicking the Intercom support chat box on the lower right side of your screen. 🙌We really appreciate our AreTheyHappy community, as well as your ongoing feedback! ️🚀 

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