A couple of months ago, we released the AreTheyHappy iOS mobile app. We’ve received great feedback, and, consequently, have improved your Inbox Reply experience.

Improved Reply Bar

The new reply bar is easier to use and more responsive to taps.. It has the same great functionality, i.e. quick replies and adding images, but it’s now more streamlined. You have  more real estate for the information that matters most - your customers’ feedback!

Finally, in the image below, you will see that the bar expands more beautifully to allow you to type longer messages.

Quick Replies

Tapping the icon to the left of the Reply bar opens the Quick Replies section. From here, you can scroll through the different Quick Replies that you have saved for your company. Simply tap to add one. You can select multiple replies to build on each other. 

Note: The send button will be disabled if the text area is blank.  You will know that it has been disabled because the button will be less opaque, i.e. it will be  a slightly lighter shade of red. 

Respond with Images

When you tap on the Images icon (also to the left of the Reply Bar), you will be able to select image/s and upload them along with your message. Thumbnails will be visible below the reply text area.  Tapping the "x" on the right top of the thumbnail will remove an image from your response. 

Note: not all message types will allow responding with an image. 

Multiple Accounts

For Inbox messages that are linked to multiple AreTheyHappy locations, you can select the specific account you want to reply from. 

Tap on the avatar displayed on the left-most item, the reply bar will expand to show all of the available accounts/pages that you can reply as. Choose the account you want to use then the reply box will collapse once again. 

Note: The avatar displayed on the reply bar is the account currently selected. Posting a comment/reply will be attributed to that account.

We love our AreTheyHappy Community

The businesses who use AreTheyHappy today are motivated by the belief that, even in the digital age, doing business is still essentially about people, relationships and community.

The AreTheyHappy Mindset

They’re joining a community of amazing entrepreneurs who believe in putting customers first!

Your Feedback Matters. Let’s grow together! 🚀

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the chatbot on the bottom-right of your screen. 🙌We appreciate your time, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can! 🙏💕 

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