• [integration] Google Questions & Answers has been added (no actions necessary, existing GMB accounts will automatically pull these in):

         - View Google Q&A in the inbox
         - Reply to Google Q&A straight from the inbox

  • [inbox] A new filter message type "Q&A" has been added to the inbox filters section 

  • [mobile] The respond component has been completely revamped for mobile, this includes but is not limited to:

         - A revamped Quick Replies component specifically for mobile
         - A revamped account selector specifically for mobile


  • [general] Reduced the size of components/fonts specifically for Macbook Retina displays to be less bombastic

  • [general] Styling improvements across the webapp to improve user experience 

  • [mobile] Styling improvements across the mobile app to improve user experience 

  • [performance] Quick replies are now being cached on the back-end, which should improve load times on the webapp


  • [general] Fixed an issue where a bad regex would cause the locations/groups to freeze when updating website in location details when using specific URLs

  • [integration] Fixed an issue where Instagram geotags would not be fetched in specific edge-case scenarios

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