To receive the AreTheyHappy Weekly and Monthly email reports, first you have to go to the Notifications page on AreTheyHappy. On this page, you will see a list of all Groups and Locations in your company. 

Next, click on the correct toggles to enable or disable the Weekly and/or Monthly email reports. 

The Groups section on the Notifications page allows users to select all locations within a group.

Here's an example

  • This user, George, manages eight (8) locations in total. Seven (7) of those locations are inside the group "Restaurants". 

  • The Notifications page shows the group "Restaurants" and all eight (8) locations.

  • Enabling the Weekly/Monthly reports for the group "Restaurants" will also enable the reports for all seven (7) locations inside that group. The same goes for when disabling email reports. 

Note: Your weekly and Monthly reports contain data at Locations-level only. An overview email will rank them for the week, but each downloadable report is individualized and not an aggregate.

And voila! That’s all you need to know on managing your email reports. Hope you found that useful!

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