• [integration] Yelp Questions & Answers has been added, responding to this works through the regular yelp flow (redirect to the live Question on

  • [insights] A new report type “Full Review History CSV report” has been added which creates a CSV file containing all reviews found in your inbox for the selected locations

  • [inbox] You can now translate the body text of a review straight from the inbox (powered by Google Translate)

  • [ios] A new version of the iOS wrapper (1.1.0) has been released, including several fixes and performance improvements primarily aimed at iOS 12+ and iPhone X 


  • [general] Improved styling for both mobile and desktop allowing for better UX


  • [integration] Facebook overall_star_rating is fixed on Facebook’s side, so the workaround poly-fill for this has been adjusted in favor of the data coming back from Facebook

  • [integration] Fixed an issue where yelp reviews for some very specific edge cases wouldn’t show up in the inbox 

  • [insights] A display glitch has been fixed where the displayed date in the insights download modal for the last week period would be incoherent with the actual report date

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