Your location is doing very good and is getting a lot of reviews. However, it's a bit tricky responding to reviews written in a language you or anyone in your team is not fluent in. 

Well, we're here to help you out! 

Translating review texts are now as easy as a mouse click. To do this, open a review or post's detail page on your AreTheyHappy Inbox, then click on "See translation" below the review. 

Note: the See translation link will not be visible if the language used on the review text is the same for your account's language setting.

Clicking the translation link will automatically detect the language of the review text, then translate it to the language you've configured on your AreTheyHappy Personal Settings page. 

Once you have translated a review text, you can click "View original" to switch back to the original language used. And in case of an inaccurate translation, click the Bad translation? link to open a new tab redirecting you to Google Translate

To change your language setting, go to the Personal Settings page, then select a language (English, Dutch, French).

And that's all there is to it! You can always learn a few more languages but we're hoping that the translate feature on AreTheyHappy works just as well.

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