We have implemented a 2-level connection for Instagram - the Regular connection and Enhanced connection.

  • The Regular connection is the usual way of connecting accounts to AreTheyHappy. You go to Settings > Locations and Groups, then you connect via your Facebook account, then select an Instagram Business Page.

    This allows you to read and respond to Instagram Own Posts, and read [only] Instagram Tagged Posts, Geotagged Posts and Mentions.*

  • Enhancing your IG accounts allows you to both monitor AND respond to all of the above (except for Mentions,* which IG simply doesn't allow). Plus, it pulls in Direct Messages (DMs). However, do note that the enhanced mode is a workaround. It is not part of the official IG/FB API, so occasionally we will need you to re-enhance your Instagram account to enable the responding aspect.

To enhance your Instagram account, go to Instagram on the web (not phone):

  1. Go to a web browser and type in type in www.instagram.com.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Add/Change the mobile number to your mobile number.

  4. Click Save.

Go back to my.aretheyhappy.com:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on Locations and Groups.

  3. Go to the location in question and click the enhance button.

  4. Put in your IG password and click ok.

  5. Wait for the SMS code to arrive on your mobile.

  6. Enter the SMS code on AreTheyHappy.

  7. Click ok.

Once your account has been verified, you will now see that your connected Instagram business page is now "enhanced"


Go to your Inbox and there you will see that Private Messages (or DMs) are now being pulled to your AreTheyHappy inbox and you can interact with all Instagram message types (except for Mentions).

For mentions click on the deep link, which transfers you to the platform, and from where you can directly respond. 👍

Login Challenge

In some cases, enhancing your connection would show you another modal asking for a verification code from Instagram. 

If you are presented with this, it means your login attempt has been challenged by Instagram and they sent you a verification code via SMS or Email

Kindly check your registered mobile number or email address, and enter the 6-digit verification code on the challenge modal in AreTheyHappy. 

Note: In order to successfully enhance his IG account your, Two-Factor Authentication will need to be disabled aka turned off. Here's the step by step guide for disabling Two-Factor Authentication.

And.... that's everything you need to know about Enhancing your Instagram connection and Responding to Instagram posts! 

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