Enhanced TripAdvisor Connection

We have implemented a 2-level connection for TripAdvisor - Regular connection and Enhanced connection.

The Regular connection is the usual way of connecting TripAdvisor locations to AreTheyHappy - paste in the URL to your location in Locations & Groups page. 

Connecting this way will allow your to read, tag and assign your TripAdvisor reviews from your AreTheyHappy Inbox. 

However, to respond to your TripAdvisor reviews you need to enhance your connection. 

After you connect your TripAdvisor location the regular way, you will be presented with an Enhance Account modal. Simply enter your selected location's credentials (email and password), then finally click OK. 

Important Note: the account that you use for enhancing should have a password on TripAdvisor. 

When you created a TripAdvisor account, you were given three options to sign up: use your Google account, Facebook account, or Email address. If you use either your Google or Facebook account to log in to TripAdvisor, you may not have a password associated with your email address. 

If this is the case, simply login to your TripAdvisor account, click your avatar on the top right then click "Account Info". 

Scroll to the bottom of the Account Info page, then click "Reset Password". You will receive an email from TripAdvisor, follow the quick instructions to nominate a password on TripAdvisor which will be the same password that you can use to enhance your connection on AreTheyHappy. 

Once your account has been verified, you will now see that your connected TripAdvisor location is now "enhanced". You can now go to your AreTheyHappy inbox and reply to TripAdvisor reviews! 

And that's everything you need to know about Enhancing your TripAdvisor connection and Responding to your reviews!

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