The Standard Report (PDF) has been updated recently on AreTheyHappy. 

This report now shows your location's Average Ratings and Rankings in a particular period as well as the cumulative score. The Standard Report PDF will allow you to see how your locations are performing exclusively within the period you selected.

For example, if you generate a report for the period 1-31 August 2019 the report will give you your location's average ratings based from reviews you received within that period. This goes for the location rankings as well. 

Note: the weekly and monthly reports that you get via email also contains the average data like in the Standard report.

Summary Based on Average Rating and Ranking

This section shows the following data 

  • Location Ranking - shows your location's standing within your company

  • Location Rating - shows your location's average rating for the current week/month. We take the average rating of all reviews you received from all review management platforms for a particular location. 

  • Net Promoter Score - This score shows whether your location's customers that posted reviews are detractors or promoters. Learn more about this here

  • Sentiment Score - The sentiment shows the number of reviews that were positive vs the number of reviews that were negative on a particular period. 

  • Inbox Status - tells you what percentage of your inbox messages have been marked as complete. This data reflects the current status of your AreTheyHappy Inbox and not just the messages that came in the period selected.

Average Ratings per Channel

Your location's average ratings for each integration for the particular period, represented in a table with the following columns:

  • All Time - shows your business page's cumulative score at the end of the selected period. 

  • This Period - shows the average score per channel that your location received for the selected period, the trend arrow (if the score increased or decreased compared to the previous), and the total number of reviews. 

  • Last Period

Note: for channels that did not receive any reviews, the corresponding cell is filled with gray. 

Review Summary

The Review Summary section shows the number of reviews that your customers published on your social media accounts for a particular period. The data is represented in a donut chart, where the positive (green) and negative (red) reviews' division are shown, with the total count displayed in the middle. 

  • All Time - all reviews of you location for all integrations 

  • This Period

  • Previous Period

Tags Summary

This section shows the number of tags used to your location's inbox items. Also represented in a donut chart but this time it also shows the neutral sentiment (gray) tags.

  • All Time

  • This Period

  • Previous Period

Average Total Rating

This graph shows your location's average rating received per day/week/month.

Ratings Break Down

The Ratings Breakdown graph shows the total number of reviews that your location received, this time by the number of star ratings. You will see how many 5-star or 1-star reviews you received for the entire period.

Restaurant Choice Drivers

This section shows the number of tags used  for each Restaurant Choice driver, and breakdown between positive and negative tags.

Top 5 Positive/Negative Tags

This section shows the top 5 positive and negative tags used for the period. The following fields are shown in this section:

  • Tag Name

  • This Period 

  • Last Period

  • Trend 

Lowest-Rated Reviews

This section shows your worst 5 negative reviews and the tags linked to them.

Each negative review will display the following information:

  • Integration

  • Star Rating (or Negative recommendation for Facebook)

  • Review Text

  • AreTheyHappy Tag/s Added

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