The Standard Report (PDF) has been updated recently on AreTheyHappy. 

It is now possible to get a single report consisting of data from multiple locations/groups. The data shown in the report from both the selected period and past periods allow for easy comparison and KPI follow up's.

New data types added:

- Inbox Engagement metrics (Completion percentage, replied percentage, etc)

- Sentiment distribution on a driver level across multiple periods for easy comparison.

- If applicable a Group Ranking will be included. This depends on whether or not the selected locations contain groups or the report is company-wide.

The standard Report will show different data widgets depending on the selected parameters when exporting:

1. Data from a single location (more info)
The main focus of this report is the progress of a single location. This report is mostly used by (area or location) managers.

2. Data from multiple locations/groups/whole company (more info)
The main focus of this report is to view the overall status of multiple locations combined. This report is mostly used by area managers, operational managers or HQ.

💥 Good practices💥

Data from the selected period doesn't match with what I expect to see in the report.
Always check the time period picker at the top of the screen, left from the download button. Next to this are the dates this period relates to. Using the arrow button you can go forward or backward per selected period.

I like the automated reports I receive via email, but I don't know how to manually export a report.
To download one of our standard reports, click on the download icon on the top right of your Insights Page. Check this step-by-step visual article for more info.


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