• [localization] Portuguese language pack

  • [integration] TripAdvisor Enhanced mode, enhancing an account enables the following:

           – Reply to tripadvisor reviews from the inbox

  • [insights] A new single location ad-hoc pdf report type called ‘Average scores’ has been added to the report download section, this includes the following:

           – Location summary with average rating, ranking, nps, sentiment and inbox                       status for the report period
           – Review summary for the report period (total, positive, negative)
           – Tags summary for the report period (total, positive, negative, neutral)
           – Average ratings per channel for the report report
           – Average total rating for the report period grouped by either day/week/month                (depending on the size of the period)
           – Ratings break down for the report period (grouped 1 to 5 star)
           – Restaurant choice drivers for the report period (split between positive and
           – Top 5 negative and Top 5 positive tags for the report period
           – Lowest rated review listing for the report period

  • [teamtasks] It is now possible to assign a task to multiple people

  • [navigation] The profile dropdown now has a ‘Help Center’ link which points to our help center


  • [insights] The standard report type now also includes the top 5 negative and top 5 positive tags sections

  • [help] Some tooltips are now equipped with a ‘Learn more’ link which redirects to a specific help article on our help center

  • [general] Global styling improvements across the platform for better consistency and user experience 

  • [insights] Company NPS/Score and Location NPS/Score evolution modals have been revamped to now include going back to previous years and also shows additional details such as From/To/High/Low and Growth for that period


  • [teamtasks] Due to the new multi-user nature of teamtasks we’ve removed the ‘To’ sort functionality, we’re looking into ways to re-enable this for the future.

  • [integration] Instagram user avatar display for comments on posts have been removed due to changes on Instagram (post owner user information is still displayed)


  • [publisher] The queue modal has been adjusted to disable scheduling a post in the past

  • [integration] An issue where instagram mentions would not be parsed correctly in specific edge cases has been fixed

  • [acl] An issue has been fixed where users on the freemium plan would not be allowed to perform certain actions that they should/could have access to

  • [integration] An issue has been fixed where tripadvisor reviews would not redirect to the correct internal owner response link on tripadvisor

  • [mobile] An issue has been fixed where subnavigation labels would disappear when switching to different pages in the insights on mobile 

  • [inbox] An issue has been fixed where multi-line responses to tripadvisor reviews would be displayed without adhering to newline/carriage return sequences 

  • [integration] Added missing translation string for ‘Atmosphere’ subrating on tripadvisor reviews

  • [integration] Issue where user information for instagram was not being displayed due to a change on Instagram

  • [general] Global styling improvements that fixed some small styling glitches on safari, more prominently:

           – Scrollbar visibility in Safari Desktop
           – Modal background glitches when dealing with multi-page modals in Safari                     Desktop

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