• [smart folders] Smart folders have been completely revamped and are now aligned with the inbox filter system, allowing for more precise smart folder rule creation and a more full-fledged feature set, existing smart folders have been migrated without loss of functionality

  • [inbox] The inbox filter panel now allows you to save a set of filters as a smart folder through the new 'Save as smart folder' button at the bottom of the panel

  • [insights] It is now possible to select multiple locations for the standard pdf report type, doing so will switch the 'download' flow to a 'send by email' flow, allowing you to either send to yourself or send to a different email address

  • [reports] The standard pdf reports have been replaced with a new cleaner report 


  • [global] Styling improvements across the platform for better UX and consistency 

  • [teamtasks] Teamtask comments have been restyled to be more compact and easier in usage

  • [insights] Report download success modals have been re-skinned with a more modern and fresh look 

  • [publisher] Draft Save/Update, Publish and Add to queue success modals in the composer have been re-skinned and are now aligned with the new insights report success modal skin 

  • [issue analyzer] The issue analyzer success modal has been re-skinned and is now aligned with the new insights report success modal skin 

  • [reports] Company location reports now have a distinctive styling for cells where no data is available for that integration/period 

  • [global] When logged out of the webapp (due to for example an expired session) the current browser tab will now redirect to where you were after logging in. (only in the current browser tab)

  • [reports] Weekly/Monthly reports now show the location ranking for that period (not the cumulative ranking)


  • [mobile] Fixed an issue with the main help center link not redirecting properly in the iOS app

  • [mobile] Fixed a styling issue impacting landscape mode on tablets that affected padding on settings pages 

  • [insights] Fixed a graphical glitch where line charts would be cut off at the top in specific edge cases 

  • [teamtasks] Fixed an issue where user avatars were not being displayed in teamtask notification emails

  • [teamtasks] Fixed an issue where hitting the 'go to teamtasks' button would redirect to the webapp inbox

  • [tags] Fixed an issue where legacy tags (tags created before april 2018, without category/sentiment) were preventing the tags page from loading up in specific edge cases

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