• [insights] Company and Reputation insights have been merged into one tab called Reputation

  • [insights] It is now possible to view a group and its underlying locations in the Reputation and Tagging insights through selecting it in the hierarchy dropdown 

  • [insights] A breadcrumb navigation component has been added to Reputation and Tagging insights allowing you to view on a company, group or location level

  • [insights] The nps and score evolution modal now have two modes (average and cumulative), where the default is average 

  • [insights] Location overview listing now shows a button on hover that allows you to dive into the reputation insights for that location 

  • [insights] Tags Sentiment, Trending Feedback Topics, Most-Used feedback channels, Restaurant choice drivers, Evolution, Deepdive now show aggregated insights when viewing on a company or group level. 

  • [public api] A rate limiting system has been added to the public api, this has been applied to all active versions. Documentation has been updated to reflect the possible warning messages. 

  • [permissions] A new modal has been added which pops up if a trial permission is about to expire or has expired


  • [insights] Best/Worst location widgets on reputation insights have been adjusted to work based on the locations currently viewed on the page (differs when you are in a group or on the company level)

  • [insights] NPS and Score widgets now displays the average nps for that period 

  • [locations] The styling of the breadcrumb navigation on locations and groups has been altered to improve constrast and visibility 

  • [insights] When clicking download full dataset on the location overview in company/group reputation insights it will now preselect either the full company (when on company insights) or the locations in the group (when on a specific group)

  • [insights] The mobile view of location overview on reputation insights has been revamped to allow for a better UX

  • [performance] Improved indexing on several high traffic collections, which should lead to visible improvements in speed of execution on for example the inbox and insights

  • [inbox] The inbox empty state has been adjusted to show a random "high five" message if the user reaches inbox zero


  • [reports] Fixed issue where top negative and top positive tags in pdf standard report only showed the top 3 instead of the top 5 tags 

  • [reports] Fixed issue in the weekly/monthly reports where the date displayed in the header was 1 day ahead of the actual date used for the report

  • [users] Fixed an edge case where user deletion didn't work in some instances when push notifications were not enabled for that user 

  • [inbox] An issue has been fixed where trying to post an empty comment on formitable would not be caught properly, a correct error message is now thrown 

  • [locations] A styling issue has been fixed on the locations & groups page when the user does not have access to the full hierarchy (non-executive roles) 

  • [reports] An issue has been fixed where reports downloaded from the insights page didn't have a correct filename

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