After creating, publishing and sharing your new surveys, it's now time to check how your customers responded to them.

Note: by default, the Survey Insights page will display data for all NPS Surveys.

You can navigate to the Survey Insights by clicking on the Insights header and Surveys sub-header. 

Or by clicking the View Insights button on the Surveys overview page.

There are three sections of the Survey Insights: Overall Score, Evolution over Time, and Score Breakdown.

Overall Score

In this section, you will see how your customers' responses are distributed. The donut graph on the left side represents how many responses had a Positive, Neutral, or Negative rating. For NPS surveys, these will be Promotors, Passives, and Detractors

To the right, shows how many responses you received per score/rating. The bars' color represents whether that score/rating is Positive (Green), Neutral (Gray), or Negative (Red). 

Evolution over Time

This section shows you the average score from all responses and the number of responses you received. 

Clicking on either the Score or Participants tab will allow you to see data on a per day/week/month basis (depending on the period you have selected). 

You can scroll through previous/future periods by clicking on the Previous/Next button below the graph.

By default, the labels on the graph is displayed but you can turn that on/off by ticking/unticking the Show Data Labels checkbox. 

Score Breakdown

In this section of the survey insights, you will see the response breakdown of all responses, and the percentage share of each score/rating. 

On the right of the table, you will see the latest 5 responses you have received. Each card represents a response from your customer and it shows the score and comment.

You can filter the response details by clicking on a specific score on the table. Click it again to deselect and show all responses.

Or you can click on the filter icon. You can filter by sentiment or by whether a response has comment or not. 

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