Once you have created your surveys on AreTheyHappy, it's now time to manage them on your Surveys list. On this page, you'll be able to view your company's existing surveys.

Each one is displayed in a card that shows several important information about that particular survey.

  • Survey Type

  • Title

  • Overall Score

  • Total Number of Responses

  • Status (Draft or Live)

From the list, you can click on the ellipsis to open the pop-up menu and perform one of the following actions:

Edit a survey 

This will open up the survey compose page pre-filled with the configuration of the survey you want to edit. You can only edit surveys with a status "draft" to preserve the integrity of surveys that could already have responses from your customers. 

The Save Changes button will only be enabled after you have changed something on your survey settings. 

Note: you can edit Live surveys. However, the Survey Template will be locked to keep the integrity of your survey's responses as different survey types have different calculations. 

Publish your Surveys

Once you are satisfied with a survey draft, you can now publish it by changing the status to "Live". Only after marking a survey as "Live" will your customers be able to submit their responses.

Copy Survey URL 

The share link of a survey will be displayed on your screen so you can copy the URL to give to your customers.

Generate QR Code 

An alternate way of sharing your surveys, you will be able to download the QR code. You can publish the QR code on your website, social media accounts, or share them directly to customers.

Delete a survey 

To remove a survey, you will need to enter your password for verification to prevent accidental deletion. Deleting a survey will also delete any insights associated to it.

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