Each user account in your company has its own role, and each role has its own set of permissions

If your account has one of the executive roles (Owner, Administrator, or Social Media Manager) then you have the ability to change another user's permissions beyond the default set linked to the role they have. 

Note: you cannot change your own permissions and you cannot change the permissions of users with a higher role than you. 

For example, an Administrator cannot change the permissions of an Owner, but he/she can change the permissions of a fellow Admin or a Location Manager.

In editing a user's permissions, you need to (i) navigate to the Users & Rights page, (ii) click on the user you want to edit, (iii) click on the Permissions tab, (iv) and tick/untick the specific permissions you want to change. 

The Permissions tab lists all actions available for AreTheyHappy users and are grouped according to the headers/pages they belong to. 

For instance, the header Inbox shows the following actions under it: View Inbox, Reply, Mark a post as complete, etc. Ticking the permission header or group will select all permissions under that group. 

Some permissions are highlighted with a gray tick. These particular permissions are pre-requisites for the others in that group. You can only disable these kinds of permissions once all dependent permissions are disabled. 

An example of this is the Read Post's Tags permission. A user needs this to be enabled in order to Tag/Untag a post. To disable the Read Post's Tags permission, you need to first disable Tag/Untag post then you will notice that the pre-requisite tag is highlighted with the AreTheyHappy teal which signifies that it is no longer locked. 

Any change done on a user's permission setting is immediately saved so you should double check that you have the right permissions enabled. 

Once you're happy with the way you set up another user's permissions, the last step is to ask your team member to re-login for the changes to take effect.

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