• [surveys] Ability to create/edit a survey through the survey composer with options for branding the survey to your liking

  • [surveys] 5 different industry-wide templates have been added (NPS/CES/CSAT/Star/Smileys)

  • [surveys] Link your survey to a specific url (served through

  • [surveys] Generate a QR code for a live survey to be able to use in print/digital media 

  • [insights] A new tab labeled "surveys" has been added which features insights such as score breakdown, submitted reviews, evolution over time for live surveys 

  • [users] The user detail modal now features a second tab called "Permissions" allowing you to fine tune a specific user's permissions outside of the user role setup 

  • [publicapi] 1.2 Release of the public api, addition of aggregate average/cumulative scores for multiple locations and a switch for company/location insights endpoints to toggle between average/cumulative scores


  • [emails] The 'view team tasks' button on Teamtask notification emails now redirects to the specific team task rather than the team task overview 

  • [emails] Linkable reviews on the daily/weekly/monthly email alerts now have a 'view original' link at the bottom which redirects to the specific review on that platform

  • [insights] Improved color scheme for charts and positive/negative/neutral styling 

  • [reports] Styling of excel reports has been improved for a better reading experience 

  • [reports] The company overview report has been redesigned and now features an improved overview tab for the selected period, a year-to-date (ytd) tab and a calendar year tab for the selected locations along with the separate location tabs. 

  • [issue analyzer] The issue analyzer has had some minor design changes and now also displays the location name alongside the issue 

  • [general] The header of post details in team tasks, inbox detail and tags deep dive now has an integration icon aside the user avatar

  • [general] Company tags page now has a redesigned header section with the addition of a 'view insights' button (which redirects to the tags insights) and a refresh button

  • [general] Users & Rights now has a redesigned header section with the addition of a refresh button

  • [general] Publisher Drafts/Publisher Queue/Publisher History now has a redesigned header section with the addition of a refresh button

  • [general] Publisher Drafts overview listing is now sorted newest to oldest rather than oldest to newest by default

  • [general] Design changes across the platform to improve UX/UI

  • [general] The globe icon, rather than the group icon is now displayed when selecting the global company brand page in locations & groups 

  • [auth] Forgot password screen now shows a success screen rather than a success notification after successfully submitting the form


  • [performance] A performance bottleneck impacting the inbox has been fixed reducing average load times by approximately 60%

  • [tripadvisor] Fixed an issue which was preventing replying for enhanced tripadvisor accounts

  • [reports] Fixed an issue where the 'worst reviews' would not take reviews of the last day in the period into account in the listing on standard pdf reports

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