After creating your survey, it will be saved with a Draft status. A Survey with a Draft status will not have a URL linked to it, and therefore will not be publicly available to your customers for responses. 

To Publish your draft surveys, navigate to the Surveys section in AreTheyHappy. Find the survey you want to publish from the list. Then click the ellipsis to open the actions menu. Click on "Publish" to open the publish survey modal. 

The Publish Survey modal shows you information about your survey (type, name, status, topics). 

From here, you will be able to edit the survey URL. All surveys will always be served from the top level domain. By default, the path of the survey URL will be pre-filled with your Company Name, a Dash (-), then the Survey Name.  You can always change the path, but beware that this is the only time you can configure the survey URL.

Once done, click Continue then you will be asked to enter your account password for confirmation. Publishing a survey is a permanent action; you will not be able to unpublish your survey once it has been published live.

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