To enhance your TripAdvisor account, click on the little enhance icon:

You'll find it here:

Then put in your email and password for TripAdvisor:

Correct TripAdvisor account credentials

To successfully enhance your account, you need to be an admin or ask a colleague who is an admin to enhance your TA account. Second, you must manually log in with your email and password.

⚠️ Do not auto-connect with Gmail. (See image below).

To check that the enhancement was successful

A little "enhanced" status should appear next to your location.

⚠️ Note: The official TripAdvisor API does not allow business owners to reply to their TripAdvisor reviews, and so AreTheyHappy's "enhanced" mode is, in fact, a workaround to help make your work more efficient. We definitely want you to be able to respond to as much of your data as possible, but from time to time, you may have to help out by re-enhancing your account. :)

⚠️ Finally, it may be necessary to refresh your screen or log-in and out of AreTheyHappy to make sure that you pull in your latest data. 👍

⚠️ Troubleshooting: What if you don't have the right email or password?

When you first created a TripAdvisor account, you were given three options to sign up: use your Google account, Facebook account, or Email address. If you used either the Google or Facebook auto-connect options to log in to TripAdvisor, you may not have a password associated with your email address.

If this is the case, simply login to your TripAdvisor account, click your avatar on the top right then click "Account Info".

Scroll to the bottom of the Account Info page, then click "Reset Password". You will then receive an email from TripAdvisor, follow the quick instructions to select a new password on TripAdvisor. This is the same email and password that you will need to use to enhance your connection on AreTheyHappy.

Then, return to AreTheyHappy and follow the "enhance" instructions above.

That's everything you need to know about Enhancing your TripAdvisor connection so that you can respond to your TripAdvisor reviews!

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