• [surveys] Kiosk mode: A secured single continuous survey that automatically restarts. Configured through the webapp.

  • [surveys] Contacts: A new tab titled 'contacts' has been added to the surveys section of the webapp. Listing the contact details that were submitted through your surveys. Easily filter/sort and download a resultset of your search in Excel

  • [surveys] A glanceable insights display has been added to the toolbar in the surveys overview, featuring the amount of impressions, started, responses and the completion rate across all your surveys

  • [surveys] You can now duplicate an existing survey through the ellipsis dropdown on the surveys overview page

  • [inbox] It's now possible to log feedback that comes in through traditional channels (face to face, phone, guestbook, ...) manually through the inbox sidebar ('Add feedback'). This feedback will also show up in your inbox list and can be tagged/assigned to colleagues 

  • [insights] Tags Deep dive filters: A new filters section for tags deep dive containing sentiment, ratings and social channel filters 

  • [insights] Tags Deep dive search: A search bar has been added to the tags deep dive alongside the newly added filters 

  • [insights] The new manually added feedback is now visible as a channel in your reputation insights and will be counted as part of your overall company/location score 

  • [reports] A new configure section has been added to the Feedback history report (csv) download flow. You can switch between inbox/tagged items and filter on social channels

  • [tags] A glanceable insights display has been added to the toolbar in the tags settings page, featuring the amount of times positive, negative, neutral tags have been used across your company

  • [publicapi] A new version (1.3) of the public api with the addition of a best_reviews' endpoint on both location and company level. Best reviews allows you to retrieve the list of best reviews for a location or company-wide. An example use case would be for display on a website, wall monitors, etc.


  • [smartfolders] It's now possible to switch the type of feed in the filters section when viewing a smartfolder in the inbox. Allowing you to for example see the completed posts of a smartfolder set to 'inbox' type. 

  • [reports] The 'Full review history report (csv)' has been renamed to 'Feedback History Report (CSV)', as this is no longer limited to only reviews 

  • [reports] The Feedback History Report (CSV) now has a Group Name, Is Replied and Reply column, respectively displaying the name of the parent group, whether or not there was a reply and the reply if it was replied to

  • [insights] The tags evolution widget is now limited to 10 entries by default, a button labeled 'show all' will switch to full list view.

  • [global] Styling changes across the webapp to improve UX/UI for both desktop and mobile 

  • [inbox] Clearing the filters when viewing a smart folder now resets to the saved settings for that smart folder rather than a blank filter set


  • [reports] The address, city, zip columns have been removed from the Feedback History Report as this data was often not available.

  • [reports] The Account ID and Account Name metadata rows in deepdive reports have been removed as they were no longer interesting. 

  • [integrations] Job title input from tripadvisor enhance as no longer necessary/possible in tripadvisor responding


  • [reports] Fixed an issue where deepdive reports didn't include the first day of data 

  • [inbox] Fixed an issue where the response from instagram wasn't properly parsed when replying to an instagram private message with an email address in the message

  • [notifications] Fixed an issue where push notifications where not being sent out in certain circumstances (released as hotfix)

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where tripadvisor responses where not being sent out due to changes on the tripadvisor platform (released as hotfix)

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