2020 has already been a big year so far. We've released a number of awesome new features for you, including:

Let’s go through each one in a bit more detail.


🎉 Manual Feedback

You can now add customer feedback that you receive outside online channels (TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, etc.) to your AreTheyHappy inboxes, i.e. compliments or complaints given by phone, face-to-face/verbal feedback from customers, guest books, etc. 

P.S. Thanks to Padaria Portuguesa and some of our other Portuguese partners for advocating for this feature. 

To activate manual feedback, please:

📣 Generate Surveys + Kiosk Mode

For those of you who don’t have enough online reviews, or you do but wish to generate even more feedback, we have quietly released SURVEYS this year. 

You can now create all types of surveys and forms, i.e. NPS, CSAT, NPD, etc. and deliver your surveys to customers via a QR code, or other channels you already use: email, SMS, etc. Print on your receipts or packaging. Or depending on your website form, you can also survey visitors directly on your website and bring that feedback into AreTheyHappy.

In the end, AreTheyHappy is a flexible system. What we want is to have ALL your feedback in one place to help you better understand how your business is going. If you are already using other existing survey tools, that’s absolutely fine. We can integrate those insights into the dashboard. 

To activate manual feedback, please:


🚀User permissions

The user detail modal now features a second tab called "Permissions" allowing you to fine-tune a specific user's permissions with more precision.

🚀New Reports

To power up your internal reporting, check out:

  • The updated “Company Report
    The new report shows your Cumulative Rating VS  your Average Rating VS Number of Reviews. You'll see and your performance Month-on-Month, and Year-To-Date (YTD). These different perspectives are quite useful.

  • The new “Feedback History Report
    Now, you can really deep dive into your feedback and see all posts, reviews etc. from ALL channels, and filter on Ratings, Replies, Tags etc. It is downloaded as a CSV. Let us know if you need help converting CSVs into an excel or google doc. 

Cumulative rating = historical rating, i.e. all ratings from the beginning of time
Average Rating = ratings for a specified period in time, i.e. weekly, monthly etc.

🚀Public API v1.3

A new version of the AreTheyHappy Public API has been released. Click here for the Public API v1.3 Documentation. The latest tweak is the ability to fetch the top reviews of your company or locations. 

🛠Other Improvements

  • The Tags Deep-Dive (the last widget in your Insights section) has great new filters to help you search for tagged reviews.

  • The Feedback History Report has been enhanced so you can easily download based on integrations and tagged/untagged inbox items etc.

  • Smart Folder Inbox Filters now allow you to view completed messages

  • Some General visual enhancements on various parts of the app

 🐞Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Deep-Dive reports did not include the 1st day of the period

  • Fixed an issue where Instagram Private Messages containing email addresses were incorrectly displayed on the Inbox detail

  • Tripadvisor responses were not being sent out 

For those of us who are techies, check out the Sprint 54 Changelog here.

Questions? Head over to our Help Center.

Suggestions? Get in touch via the support chat box on the lower right side of your AreTheyHappy dashboard and we'll get back to you asap. We are super grateful for your involvement and suggestions. 

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