Insights data for your Surveys are now available on the Company Report

Every time you download a Company Report from the Insights page, a new tab will be available titled Surveys. The new tab features data for all of your surveys.

Report Header

At the top of the report, like the other tabs of the company report, shows (i) the date the report is generate, (ii) start date of the report's data period, (iii) end date of the report's data period, (iv) generalized cumulative score of all survey responses, and   (v) generalized average score of all survey responses.

Note: in the example below, the Company Survey Average (55/100) is marked as red because it is below the Company Survey Cumul score (57/100). All scores below the Company Survey Cumul score in this report will be marked with red to show its severity. 

Survey Insights Body

Below the report header are the Survey Insights - only surveys with responses within the selected data period will be displayed here. 

The following data are shown in the form of the different columns: 

  1. Survey Name

  2. Survey Type

  3. Cumulative Score - the average score of all responses for the survey

  4. Cumulative Score (0-100) - the generalized score for all responses for the survey

  5. Average Score - the average score of responses within the selected report period 

  6. Average Score (0-100) - the generalized average score of responses within the selected report period

  7. Number of Responses - total number of submitted responses 

  8. Number of Impressions - total number of times a survey has been loaded

  9. Number of Starts - total number of times the Get Started button for a survey has been clicked

  10. Completion Rate - the rate at which started surveys have been completed and successfully submitted (Completion Rate = Responses / Starts)

Note: to read more about Generalized survey scores, click here.

And that's what you will see with regards to Survey data on your Company Report. 

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