The Standard Report (PDF) provides review statistics for a single location over a period of time (Weekly, Monthly, etc.). An update to AreTheyHappy gives you the ability to customize the Standard Report that you generate for your company further than selecting a date range.

What can I customize?

On the Standard Report, there is a section Lowest-Rated Reviews which shows 5 reviews that your location received with 3 stars or lower. This section can now be configured to show the following:

  1. Type of Reviews - Highest-Rated Reviews, Lowest-Rated Reviews, or Both

  2. Number of Reviews - minimum of 1, and a maximum of 100

  3. Review Length Text - number of review text characters shown. Minimum of 100 characters, max 2500 characters. 

How can I change these settings?

The controls for the Standard Reports are not available on the AreTheyHappy app, but is currently handled by the AreTheyHappy customer support team. 

If you wish to change your company's Standard Report settings, simply click on the chat icon on the lower-right corner of your screen to contact us with your request.

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