There are currently two levels of Survey Insights: Company and Survey level. 

This article discusses the Company level Survey Insights. If you want to know more about Survey-level Insights, click this link

When you navigate the Survey Insights page, the first thing you will see is the Company-level Survey Insights. In this page you will be able to view aggregated scores of all surveys responses for your entire company. 

The top-level widgets are Score, NPS, CSAT, and CES:

The Score widget shows the average ratings of all responses across your company's different surveys. The score displayed here is on a generalized rating format (0-100). 

The NPS, CSAT, and CES widgets show your company's average survey scores based on the three different scales. 

Then you have the Traffic Analysis graph which shows how many of your customers are interacting with you surveys on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The graph shows three different data points: 

  • By Engagement - this shows how many times your surveys have been loaded (Impressions), started, and how many responses are recorded

  • By From - shows how many surveys were started coming from its URL being passed along, the customer scanning the QR code, or by an email campaign (coming soon)

  • By Mode - this shows how many surveys were started in Web (desktop and mobile), Kiosk, or email campaign mode

The Survey Overview shows a table of all your current surveys. This table is similar to the Location Overview on the Company Insights where it lists all surveys for a company and shows relevant scores and statistics for each in the selected period. 

The following are the information displayed for each survey on this table:

  • Cumulative - the average generalized score of all responses in your company

  • Average - the average generalized score for the responses within the selected period

  • Impressions - total number of times a survey was loaded for the period

  • Started - total number of times a survey has been started for a period

  • Responses - total number of recorded responses for a period

Note: You can view insights for a specific survey by hovering on the survey record then clicking the right arrow icon that appears on the Responses column.

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