You can create Survey Campaigns and send them to a targeted audience via Email. 

There are two ways to initiate the process of sending surveys via email:

  1. You can send email campaigns from the surveys list, or

  2. You can send them from the Survey Contacts page.

To send email campaigns from the surveys list, (i) go to the Surveys page, (ii) open the actions dropdown of your desired survey, then (iii) click Send Email action. 

The Send Email modal will appear where you can enter a Campaign Title (used internally), Email Subject, and a comma-separated list of Recipients Email Addresses

Note: you can manually enter the email addresses (just remember to put a comma in between each email address), or you can upload a CSV file of the email addresses you want to send out to. Download the example CSV to see the correct format that can be used on AreTheyHappy.

On the last step of the Send Survey Email process, you will be asked to confirm by entering your AreTheyHappy account's password. This is to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to send out your survey emails. 

This confirmation screen shows information about the survey you are about to send out, also a counter of how many emails your company have send over the past 30 days. 

At the moment, each company is only allowed to send out to 500 email addresses every 30 days. To request for a higher limit, please click the chat icon on the lower right or send us an email at [email protected] 

After you confirm the sending of your email campaign, you will see a success message which shows the total number of recipients.

An email will be sent out to all recipients containing your survey. A separate email will also be sent to your inbox that contains report. If there are any emails that were not successfully sent out, the email addresses will be listed on the Survey Campaign Status email.

To help you avoid spamming the same email addresses with Survey Email Campaigns, we have set up a system that warns you if the email campaign you're creating contains email addresses that you sent out surveys to in the past 2 days. 

These email addresses will be listed on this page. You can click Remove all at the bottom to remove the emails from your campaign, you can remove individual emails by clicking on the X button on the right, or you can click the Continue button to send out your Survey Campaign.

Lastly, when your customers receive your Survey via email, the first Value Question will be presented to them instead of the "Get Started" page.

That what you need to know to create and send out your own Survey Email Campaigns. 

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