When you first create your survey in AreTheyHappy, the configurations it contains will be saved as a Survey Version.

As you continue to modify your survey, new survey versions will be saved so you can keep track of the changes and when those specific versions started being active.

A new survey version will be saved whenever you (i) add a question, (ii) edit an existing question text, (iii) change the order of survey questions, or (iv) when you edit text on the Welcome and Thank You pages.

Where do I view the Survey Versions?

To open the Survey Version Configuration modal, click the gear icon on the sub-header beside the Save Changes button.

On the Survey Version Configuration modal you will see the current version. The survey dropdown shows the Version Number and the date when it was saved/activated.

Then below that, you will see the questions of your survey in the same order that your customers will view them when responding to the survey. Below the question text is the category currently assigned to the survey question.

Click the Survey Version dropdown to select a different version.

Once you select a version, you will be able to preview the questions, the question order for that version, and the categories assigned to each question.

Note: you cannot revert back to previous versions of your survey

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