• [surveys] It is now possible to send out batches of emails for a specific survey to a set of recipients. Each batch can contain max 100 recipients. Companies are by default limited to 500 recipients across all batches/surveys per 30 day rolling period

  • [surveys] It is now possible to fill in the public title/description for a survey on both the survey settings modal and the survey composer. This is being used to configure OG/Twitter Card meta tags. Particularly handy when sharing survey links on social networks to fuel card displays

  • [inbox] A new 'Survey reply' popup has been added next to the quick replies popup in the inbox detail reply section. This allows you to select a live survey and will add it's public link to your reply

  • [inbox] A new rich editor has been added for the Outlook integration

  • [settings] It is now possible to select branding pages for daily email alerts, this can be done both in the user details modal or the notifications settings page


  • [insights] Survey traffic analysis widget 'by from' now has a new category called 'Email', which will track email responses for the survey batches

  • [insights] Survey traffic analysis widget 'by mode' now has a new mode called 'Campaign', which will track responses for the survey batches

  • [settings] We have revamped the email alerts section on the notifications settings page

  • [inbox] Filters are now closed by default on mobile to reduce the distance users have to scroll to apply their filters

  • [general] Styling improvements across the platform to improve UX/UI


  • [insights] Fixed an edge case issue where reputation statistics would not show up for specific periods on specific companies even though data was available due to a database query error

  • [inbox] Fixed an issue with Facebook image attachments not being parsed correctly on private messages

  • [settings] Fixed an edge case issue where deleting a location could potentially fail if there were integrations in semi-connected mode

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