• [onboarding] Add a phone number input in the first step of the onboarding form

  • [integrations] When connecting with Facebook, we now show the address of a page in the page list if available

  • [integrations] A new channel "Delivery" has been added to Manual reviews

  • [inbox] A remaining character counter is now shown when replying in the inbox if applicable (eg: Twitter tweet limitations)

  • [inbox] It is now possible to delete comments to tweets and posts on twitter that were done by the user


  • [integrations] Speed of subsequent TripAdvisor enhances for the same account has improved substantially

  • [integrations] When connecting to any channel with a page dropdown we now show the search bar at all times (previously the search bar would only show when there were more than 10 pages)

  • [inbox] Instagram Tag and Profile shares on private messages are now rendered as well

  • [inbox] Instagram reactions to a post in private messages are now combined with the rendered card

  • [inbox] Instagram cards in private messages that are expired now have a specific display rather than rendering a blank display

  • [user] User invites are now valid for 14 days rather than 2


  • [general] Fixed an issue where the webapp on desktop would be configured for mobile in a certain edge case scenario

  • [inbox] Fixed an issue where video attachments in carousels for Instagram would not render if a thumbnail was set for them

  • [inbox] Fixed an issue where 'active' state coloring would not be applied correctly for mark as complete and likes in certain edge cases

  • [inbox] Fixed a bug where image attachments in private messages for Twitter where not being rendered properly

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where Instagram user information would not come in properly

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where enhancing a TripAdvisor account would fail in certain edge cases

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where responding to TripAdvisor posts would fail if the tripadvisor business account has 'Review Hub' enabled on TripAdvisor

  • [integrations] Fixed an issue where statistics would diverge for Resengo and if older reviews were removed from those platforms

  • [general] Fixed an issue where email inputs with specific subdomains (, .gent) were not validated correctly

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