The newest Insights page is live on AreTheyHappy: The Automated Tagging Insights!

Why have we introduced Automated Tags?

To make your lives easier with categorizing messages your receive on your AreTheyHappy Inbox, you can manually add tags to your inbox items. Click here to find out how. The manual tags feature is a great way to track what your customers are saying and it gives you absolute control on what kind of tags you want to use. However, manually tagging does require some effort (which is worth it, by the way).

New to AreTheyHappy is Automated Tagging!

We have been doing a lot of research and development to bring you a highly sophisticated system that analyzes the messages in your inbox.

Right now, the Automated Tagging does the following: assign Categories, and Sentiment (Negative, Neutral, Postive) to each Inbox item.

Note: for now, we are only Automatically Tagging reviews and messages that are written in English. More languages to follow in the near future

When does AreTheyHappy automatically tagging my messages?

All of your inbox items are processed at the beginning of each day. So you can be assured that the Automated Tagging insights show data for messages from the previous day.

Note: For our dear users that are manually tagging their messages intensively, don't worry because the Automated Tagging insights and Manual Tagging insights are independent of each other. You can still keep manually tagging themes/items that matter specifically to your business.

What kind of data do I have access to?

We've taken the liberty to combine the different statistics that we get from our automated tagging system to provide you with information that matters to you the most.

Sentiment Summary

The Sentiment Summary is an overall sentiment score for all messages that we tagged automatically.

(A) The score (shown in %) represents the sentiment of all your posts/messages combined.

(B) Shows the number of posts/messages that were tagged and analyzed.

(C) The circle graph shows the distribution between the different sentiments.

Highest Traffic Choice Driver + Sentiment

The Highest traffic Driver sentiment widget shows the top 5 tagged Categories.

(A) Shows the Category name and how much (in percentage) are positive posts/messages

(B) The Total Number of tags. Do note that it's possible for a single message to be assigned several tags.

Highest Traffic Feedback Channel + Sentiment

The Highest traffic Channel sentiment widget shows the top 5 tagged social media/review platforms.

Finally, the Automated Tags Deep-Dive section gives you the ability to view the specific inbox posts/messages that were tagged by AreTheyhappy.

(A) You can filter by the Channel/Driver

(B) You can filter by Sentiment

(C) This is where you can view the message details

(D) You can switch between By Channel or By Driver

And that's the initial version of the Automated Tagging Insights. We are working very hard to improve this system and we will update you once we roll out the next versions.

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