In AreTheyHappy, a Team consists of different groups, locations, users, etc. Everything we do inside the AreTheyHappy platform is done inside a team or company.

As a user of AreTheyHappy, there are several things that you are able to do. You manage individual reviews and messages from various social media platforms. These messages are organized and structured in different inboxes by way of groups and locations.

You may be taking advantage of the Tagging Feature, to manually assign tags to individual messages for easy categorization.

You are also able to assign messages from the inbox to another member of your team or company.

Can an ATH User be part of multiple teams?

Yes, you can be a part of several teams as long as an admin has invited you to manage locations to their team.

To invite new users (which are part of other teams) to your own company or team, (1) go to the Users & Rights page, then (2) click the [+] button to invite a new user

(3) Fill out the invite user form by typing in the email address that the other user is using on AreTheyHappy. An invite email will be sent to the user's email address.

Note: a single user account will have independent settings for each company that it is a part of. For example, the user John is an Owner for The Atlas Co. while he is a Location Manager for Baker Company

(4a) The user can accept the invite by clicking the Accept Invite button on the email

(4b) or by logging in to his/her account, opening the dropdown navigation, and clicking the company name that he/she is being invited to manage. Companies or teams that are still pending will display an Icon next to its name.

(5) Finally, click the Accept button on the invitation modal. After doing so, the invited user will have access to multiple inboxes.

How do I switch between company inboxes?

When you login, you will be redirected to your original company's inbox. The company name that's highlighted on the navigation menu is the current company inbox you're viewing.

To switch to a different inbox, open the dropdown navigation by clicking your avatar/name on the upper right corner. Then, click on a different company name. After the page reloads, you will be on the inbox of the company you selected.

And that's how you can work with multiple teams and company inboxes in AreTheyHappy!

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