Working with your team with the help of AreTheyHappy's Team Tasks, no obstacle is big enough or hard enough.

Once you have assigned tasks to yourself and your teammates, the next step would be to reply, resolve, and complete messages and see your Inbox reach zero!

To help you even further, a new folder on the inbox has been added - the Team Folder.

The Team Folder shows a collection of messages that have active team tasks linked to them. Posts and reviews with a task that's Done will be filtered out of this folder. The Team Folder sidebar shows a message count, similar to the other inbox folders.

One thing that separates the Team Folder from the rest of the other inbox folders is the way it works closer with Team Tasks.

Each message on the list shows a color coordinated task status, instead of the Team Task icon, so that you can immediately see which messages are already being worked on. The task status shown on the messages list will automatically change once you update a task from the Team Task sidebar.

The Team Folder also has additional filters unique from the other inbox folders. A new dropdown is available to filter out messages assigned to a specific person.

By default, the selected option is Everyone, as in show all messages with tasks assigned to them.

Lastly, when you click on the inbox filters icon you will see the new filters specific to the Team Folder: Task Category and Status filters.

You can show/hide messages based on the assigned tasks' categories and status so that you can target posts or messages that you need.

And that's what you need to know about the Team Folder! If you want to know more please check out our Team Features help desk collection.

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