Synchronizing your Business Details across multiple social media channels is always going to be a tough task. Good thing is that AreTheyHappy is here to do most of the heavy lifting for you!

You can now sync your business details on your Facebook Page and Google MyBusiness location from AreTheyHappy!

First thing to do is to connect your Facebook or Google MyBusiness page to your AreTheyHappy location. A modal will then be shown asking you if you want to sync your business details from your social media page.

To retrieve your business details, simply click on the 'Sync Details' toggle and click Confirm.

Note: if you already filled out your location's business details, it will be overwritten when you enable the Sync Details toggle.

It should only take a few moments to retrieve your business details from Facebook or Google MyBusiness. Scroll down to see that the Business Details section is filled out with the following information:

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • Email Address

  • Full Address (Street, City, Zipcode, Country)

  • Opening Hours

From here if you want to make changes to your opening hours, you can simply update that information from your AreTheyHappy location page.

Clicking the Update button will trigger the Update Details modal. You can select which integration you want to roll out the changes to (Facebook and/or Google MyBusiness). When you click on the "Save Changes" button, your business details will be synchronized between the selected integration/s and AreTheyHappy.

Note: In order to sync business details to Facebook/Google MyBusiness, all fields should be filled out. For the address, it's important to note that the map display should refresh to the correct address (this means that the address entered is correct/valid).


Q: Are business details updates applied immediately?

A: The integrations behave differently and some have internal approval systems in place. For example, business updates done to Google MyBusiness locations need to be approved by Google. It could take somewhere between an hour to 24 hours before the changes are applied publicly and seen by your customers. Check your business info on

And that's how easy it is to keep your profiles aligned between multiple platforms using AreTheyHappy!

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