● [integration] has been added as a read-only integration with

the following capabilities:

○ View Booking reviews in the inbox

○ Tag Booking reviews / create team tasks for Booking reviews

○ View score/insights for Booking reviews in the reputation insights

● [publisher] We have finished up on a major revamp of the publisher, this

new version contains the following:

○ A redesigned composer

○ Two new post types: Event (Available for Google) and Offer (Google,


○ Ability to customize content per channel

○ A new calendar/scheduler component allowing you to schedule

publishing on an integration-by-integration level

○ A new preview modal, containing previews of the post on an

integration-by-integration level, selected accounts on an

integration-by-integration level and a history of changes that were

made to the post.

○ Ability to set topics (for internal managerial purposes) on a draft

● [insights] Instagram social insights subdivided into the following tabs:

○ Page: Followers, impressions, profile views, reach

○ Engagement: Text message redirects, website redirects, phone call

redirects, directions redirects

○ Demographics: Gender/Age distribution, By language, By country, By


● [flow] It is now possible to set 'Is replied within' as part of an

automation rule.


● [flow] Flow will now be applied with a 14-day historical period to allow

for date-specific processing such as the new 'is replied within'


● [machine learning] A new version of our ML algorithm with higher overall

accuracy (particularly pertaining detection of negative sentiment).

●[reports] We have added NPS and Average NPS to the

overview tab of the Company Excel Report.


● [integration] We've fixed an edge case issue where

urls were not being parsed correctly for some country-specific urls.

● [integration] We've fixed an issue where statistics failed to

be retrieved in some edge cases.

● [integration] We've fixed an issue where logos were missing

in generated reports and daily emails

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