To create add a Multiple-Choice Question to your Survey is very easy:

  1. Click on the Add Question button

  2. Click Multiple Choice from the question list

A Multiple Choice question type will now be added to your Survey for you to configure.

You can change the Question text to personalize the way you interact with your customers.

Set the max number of options by increasing/decreasing the #Max field (default value is 2).

To add a new option, click on the Plus (+) button next to Options. You can also enable "Allow Other" to make use of a text area where your respondents can type is their custom answer.

Note: The max number of options per question is 20 (including "Other")

Multiple Choice Question Styling

To adapt your Multiple Choice question's styling to the rest of your survey, a new configuration for Choice section under Branding is added.

You can set the Active color (selected options) and Inactive color (unselected options) for your multiple choice questions.

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