• [integration] Gmail has been added as an integration, this integration has the following capabilities:

- Connect on location and group level

- View Gmail emails in the inbox

- Tag Gmail emails

- Assign team tasks to a Gmail email

- Respond to Gmail email straight from the inbox

  • [integration] The Takeaway integration has been expanded with support for Just Eat Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Italy and UK


  • [inbox] A deeplink will now be available for most post types (with the exception of manual and Yumpingo reviews), where a deeplink to the post is not possible we redirect the user to the profile page/section on that respective platform

  • [inbox] Comments by anonymous users on a post will now also fallback to 'Anonymous User'

  • [inbox] A default message will now be rendered if a review contains no content at all

  • [publisher] The publisher drafts page is now paginated with an infinite loader

  • [insights] Survey insights widgets now have a link to the help center in their tooltips

  • [general] Small styling improvements to improve on UX/UI and brand consistency


  • [integration] Fixed an issue where posting out GIFs on Facebook would result in the first frame of the GIF being posted rather than the GIF itself.

  • [integration] Fixed an edge case where foursquare user names would contain 'false' as part of their full name

  • [integration] Fixed an issue where google reputation insights would fail to pull

  • [inbox] Fixed an edge case issue where a post wouldn't load up due to incorrect puid encoding

  • [inbox] The translate link will now be hidden if there's no text (trimmed) for a post

  • [inbox] Fixed an edge graphical issue where 'reply on' buttons would have incorrect alignment for some integrations

  • [inbox] Fixed a graphical issue where attachment replies/reactions would be cut off after a certain length in private messages, resulting in the full text not being readable

  • [insights] Fixed an edge case issue where some browsers would render humanized numbers in their scientific notation if those numbers came close to the threshold for their humanization

  • [publisher] Fixed an edge case issue where publisher images wouldn't be correctly copied over to a new channel in some scenarios

  • [general] Fixed an edge case issue where form debouncing would sometimes not be correctly handled for subsequent debounces.

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