Managing a successful business may attract people that you may not necessarily want to interact with - agencies, suppliers, bots. Instagram has a built-in feature that filters out Direct Messages from such accounts so that your Inbox is not cluttered and you can manage messages in an efficient way.

In other words, while users who you don't follow are able to send you direct messages on Instagram, and these are automatically marked as Message Requests. Unlike messages sent by your contacts, these messages appear as "message requests" in the Instagram direct message folder. You can either accept or deny these requests, and they won't be marked as “seen” until you accept them.

Now in AreTheyHappy, Message Requests come with the following warning at the top of the screen: This is a Message Request. These messages are from people you've restricted or don't follow.

From here you and your team can decide whether to:

  • Ignore the messages - we suggest manually adding a Tag like spam then completing the message, OR

  • Accept the message request and interact with the user.

To respond to Message Requests, simply click on the Accept button at the bottom of the message detail. The reply box on AreTheyHappy will appear and you can respond to the direct message.

Voila! That's everything you need to know about Message Requests.

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