From the Team Task details screen, there's a quick and easy way to view the post in your inbox so you could respond, tag, or complete the post.

When you view a Team Task detail modal, click on the View in Inbox button. Then, you will be redirected to the Team Folder of the Inbox where it shows the post linked to your Team Task. From here, you can perform all inbox actions available to the post.

Note: by default, only posts within the past 2 months are shown on the Inbox. Clicking the View in Inbox button from a task overrides that general rule - if you come from a specific task, you can view the post on the inbox no matter how old it is (as long as we have the post details saved)

And that's how you can view a post in your inbox from the Team Task details. Hopefully, this helps your workflow go smoothly and with no interruptions.

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