If when you log into your account, this screen pops, it means that you need to reconnect some of your integrations.

This modal here is what we call the Issue Analyzer.

The Issue Analyzer flags when a connection to an integration might suddenly be broken. A connection can break when someone changes a password or changes the settings, OR ( the integration itself (Facebook, Instagram, GMB, Instagram or Formitable etc.) updates something in the code that breaks the connection.

Each message on the Issue Analyzer will indicate:

(i) the name of the location
(ii) the integration, i.e. FB, GMB, IG and
(iii) the name of the person who needs to connect.

*If that person is you. You can solve it with a simple click of the "Fix Now" button ---- BUT make sure to read carefully and follow all instructions to the end, especially for TripAdvisor and Instagram Enhanced modes. ๐Ÿ‘

When are you notified?

  • Immediately - When a page connection breaks, Top-tier users (i.e. PICs or persons-in-charge like owners/admins/social media managers) are immediately notified via the Issue Analyzer.

  • Weekly - For middle and low tier users (managers, location managers etc.), the issue analyzer pops up and an email is sent on a weekly basis with a list of locations that need to be connected.

In summary, the Issue Analyzer is an important communication tool between you and us, and should preferably not be ignored. This is how we inform you that a particular person (not just anyone) in your team needs to reconnect a page so that you can continue pulling in data, and continue responding to your customers. Without this data, we can't gather insights on trends, team performance or customer satisfaction levels.


Q: I suddenly see an influx of old messages in the inbox. Why is that?

A: This can happen when you reconnect a broken page via the Issue Analyzer. Suddenly, AreTheyHappy is now able to start pulling in all messages again --- including some older messages (maximum up to the previous month). ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, if this happens, you can choose (i) to read, tag, respond and complete such messages or (ii) bulk complete your messages.

Ideally, the minute we request you to fix a broken connection via the Issue Analyzer, you should do so. However, if you have further questions or encounter any difficulties, please let us know via the chat bot. We're happy to investigate with you!

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