• [public-api] The 1.3 version of the Public API now provides the last known score on a company/location level

  • [public-api] The 1.3 version of the public api now provides the opening hours on a location level as configured in ATH

  • [publisher] Composer previews and the preview modal now allow playing stored video files by clicking on the thumbnail

  • [publisher] History and Schedule tabs can now switch between a list and (new) calendar mode

  • [publisher] Clicking on planned/published items in the calendar now opens up their preview modal in both the composer and the calendar modes for history/schedule

  • [publisher] You can now delete a publisher entry straight from the preview modal, rename/duplicate shortcuts have also been added in the sidebar

  • [publisher] You can now filter on post type, integration type and location on the drafts, schedule and history tabs

  • [publisher] A new 'saved captions' interface has been added to the publisher composer, allowing you to save a caption and reuse it at a later date


  • [publisher] The publisher schedule tab now applies pagination, leading to faster load times

  • [publisher] The publisher history tab now applies pagination, leading to faster load times

  • [integrations] Adjusted Facebook attachments on private messages to account for GDPR limitations

  • [integrations] Outlook pages that fail to retrieve data will now be flagged

  • [integrations] Google my business account connection has been migrated to the new GMB Account Management API given that the standard GMB API connection system is being sunset.

  • [integrations] New Instagram connections will now be asked for publishing permissions during the connect flow as part of our upcoming move to the new Content Publish API on Facebook Graph

  • [publisher] Validation for Instagram in the composer has been adjusted as part of our upcoming move to the new Content Publish API on Facebook Graph

  • [general] Popovers, Tooltips and Modals now have a small animation applied to them

  • [general] Small adjustments across the ecosystem to improve on ux/ui and overall performance

  • [teamtasks] Comments on teamtasks for which the user doesn't exist anymore will now fallback to "Unknown User".


  • [insights] Fixed an issue on deep-dive reports where data is grouped by day didn't render review distribution and number of reviews correctly

  • [insights] Fixed a graphical glitch where the first date of the next period would show up in social insights evolution charts

  • [integrations] Fixed an edge case where some isolated IG private messages would fail to parse

  • [teamtasks] Fixed an issue where user removal on a company level would fail in correctly cleaning up teamtask comments if no comments for that user existed

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