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🎉 Publisher - Saved Captions

New to the AreTheyHappy Publisher is Saved Captions - the ability to manage and use post templates so you don’t worry about keeping those recurring post copies elsewhere.

📣 Publisher - Calendar View

The AreTheyHappy Publisher now allows you to look at scheduled and published posts in Calendar View. You can switch between the two views and have a better idea of what’s been posted out or what’s about to be posted out on your different social media accounts.

🚀 Public API v1.3 Enhancements

Some new improvements for the Public API have been added:

  • Retrieve the Company/Location’s last known score

  • Retrieve a Location’s saved Opening Hours

  • Retrieve a list of Sampled Reviews - mixed positive and negative - for a company/list of locations

If you want to know more about the Public API v1.3, please click here to visit our online documentation or here for the Public API changelog.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Deep-dive reports did not show the correct review distribution and number of reviews

  • Fixed an issue where graphs on the Reputation Insights showed the first date of the succeeding period

Are you interested in more technical details of this latest release?
Check out the Changelog for Sprint 72.

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