It seems that you are encountering an issue either enhancing a TripAdvisor account or responding to a TripAdvisor review?

We are sorry to hear this and regret the inconvenience!

Here are some logic checks:

  • ✔️ Have you logged out and logged back in?

  • ✔️ If at first, responding didn't work, did it work when you tried again at a later hour?


  1. Is the issue affecting all locations in your company? Or only some locations?

  2. If only some locations are affected, can you respond to some reviews or none at all?

  3. If only some reviews are affected, if you click on the "deep link" does the review still exist on TripAdvisor (after all, users can delete their reviews)?

  4. If it's still there, could you respond from the TA Management Centre?

Now, if after a few attempts to respond, you're getting errors, let's go back and start from the beginning (but remember you need to be a TripAdvisor admin to do this successfully):

  1. ✔️ Go to your Settings > Locations and Groups > Location > TripAdvisor

  2. ✔️ Click [x], then do a Soft Reconnect

  3. ✔️ Enhance using the email and password.

    Note: Enhancing a location is actually a fairly fast process, and so if the loader keeps going, it’s likely to have not worked, so refresh the page and try again, now - or at a later time, i.e. the next day.

  4. ✔️ Final tip: Randomly capitalize your email.
    Note: When you plug in your credentials (i.e. email and password), capitalizing the first letter of your email address can help. If that doesn't work, fry randomly capitalizing letters in your email.

If this doesn’t work, do a Hard Disconnect [1-2 min read]:

  1. ✔️ Go to your Settings > Locations and Groups > Location > TripAdvisor

  2. ✔️ Completely disconnect TA by clicking the [x] button,

  3. ✔️ Reconnect by providing the TA URL, then

  4. ✔️ Enhance, following the above steps.

Finally, if you're still unlucky this time. Share the credentials of the TripAdvisor account with us via your support chat on the AreTheyHappy platform so we can investigate for you.

* Self-check: Please read this short article to find out how to make sure you have the correct account credentials. (Scroll about halfway down the article.)

Backup Solution

The backup solution, of course, is to click on the "deep link" icon (see image below).

The "deep link" will redirect you to TripAdvisor Management Center, where you will be able to respond directly from within the TripAdvisor platform itself.

⚠️ User note: You will need to be an admin to the TripAdvisor page of this location to be successfully redirected to be able to respond via the TripAdvisor platform.

Tips for re-enhancing your account:

*You need to be an admin, or ask a colleague who is an admin in the TripAdvisor Management Account to enhance this location, and

** You must manually log in with your email and password. ⚠️ Do not auto-connect with Gmail. (See image below).

Finally, once you've enhanced your TripAdvisor account, it may be necessary to refresh your screen or log in and out of AreTheyHappy to make sure that you pull in your latest data.

⚠️ Final Note:

Unfortunately, as of 2021, the official TripAdvisor API still does not allow business owners to reply to their TripAdvisor reviews, and so AreTheyHappy's "enhanced" mode is, in fact, a workaround to help make your work more efficient. We definitely want to help you respond to as much of your data as possible, but from time to time, you may have to help out by "re-enhancing" your account.

Try a few of the solutions above, and, please do let us know if this works?
If you continue to struggle, use the chat icon at the bottom of your screen. We're here to help. :)

⚠️ Update 14 June 2021 - Fix has been found

TripAdvisor enhance is back up and running.

⚠️ Update 25 May 2021 - TripAdvisor Error

We are really sorry about this inconvenience. Unfortunately, direct responding to TripAdvisor via the enhanced mode is not possible at the moment due to changes they made to their front end, but we are looking into it.

A bit of background:

We have implemented a 2-level connection for TripAdvisor:

- Regular connection and

- Enhanced connection.

The Regular connection is the standard way of connecting TripAdvisor locations to AreTheyHappy - paste in the URL to your location in the Locations & Groups page. Result: you can pull in TripAdvisor reviews. But, you will not be able to respond from AreTheyHappy.

To respond to your TripAdvisor reviews, in the past, you could “enhance” your TripAdvisor connection but the Enhanced connection is not possible at the moment. In the last weeks, we have not been able to get past TripAdvisor's security.

Official TripAdvisor Partner

Don't you worry, AreTheyHappy is an official TripAdvisor Partner and we use the official TripAdvisor API to pull in your reviews, so you can be sure that your team can read, tag and report on the latest reviews from TripAdvisor in your Inbox.

Unfortunately, to date, the official TripAdvisor API does not yet allow business owners to reply to their TripAdvisor reviews. No third-party partner tool in the world can respond directly. The standard behaviour on all apps in the market is a "deep link" that redirects a user to the TA management centre to respond.

Our Suggestion

For now, the best thing to do is to rearrange how you work so that an ATH user who is also an Admin on your TripAdvisor account is made responsible for replying to all TA messages.

They just need to click on the "deep link icon," which will redirect them to TripAdvisor Management Center, where they will be able to respond directly from within the TripAdvisor platform itself.

This does not impact pulling in the TripAdvisor reviews in the inbox and the rating results in the insights/reports. What is affected is the ability to respond, which, unfortunately, TripAdvisor does not allow - for any of their official partners. 

We'll let you know if we find a workaround for the TripAdvisor scrape shields.

We won't give up yet. Our team is continuing to investigate.

*** The End ***

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