If you click "Publish Now," you'll see the system go through a 2-step process. First, it uploads your media, and then second, it publishes your post to the selected channels. Once successful, you'll see a successfully published notification or modal pop up.

To do a logic test / confirm that a post has been successfully published:

1. Go to the Published section to see your post history.

2. Identify the post that you published via the Title.

3. Click the ellipses (see image below) to access the dropdown menu.

4. Then select preview.

5. Once your Preview Modal pops up, click on "History" (which you'll find on the left side of the modal. Then click the "deep link" to see if your post was published correctly and on the right page. :)

Deep-link icon:

This will redirect you to the original page.


Now, what I do if I get an error?

There are 2 common scenarios:

1. The publisher timed out. You get an error that says your post was "partially published" or "not successfully published." Duplicate your post and publish again. (See image below.)

2. You've uploaded the wrong type of media, which is then rejected by Facebook or Instagram. โš ๏ธ Instagram is the most finicky. Under their new rules (as at April 2021) you can only upload 1 image at a time, and it needs to be a Jpeg. PNGs are not accepted. (See guidance provided in the Editor.)

We hope this helps! However, if you continue to have issues or if you have other questions, please use the chat icon at the bottom of your screen. We're here for you. :)

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