To connect an Instagram page, first of all, you need make sure that you are an Admin or Editor to the relevant Instagram page.

Second, you need to verify:

  1. You must verify that your Instagram account is an Instagram Business Account.

  2. Then, you must verify that your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook Page.

If all that is done, then return to AreTheyHappy > Settings > Locations and Groups:

1. Find the Instagram connector.

2. Disconnect the account by clicking on the ‘x’ icon on the right side.

3. Reconnect by clicking "Connect with Facebook."

4. Then, instead of clicking "Continue as Me," select "Edit Settings."
(See the image below.)

5. Next, make sure ALL pages that the customer sees in that dropdown are checked.

6. Click "Next."

7. Finally, click "Done."
(See the image below.)

8. Once done, you should be able to find your Instagram page in the page dropdown/list. ✅


NOW, if you're an admin, and your IG page is verified as a business page and it is also linked to a Facebook page, and you are still having this issue, then the cause could be an existing bug on Facebook's platform. A bug has been reported to Facebook's Technical Team. Facebook says they are looking into the issue, but to date, it has not yet been solved yet.

There is a temporary workaround: converting your Instagram Business Account to a Personal Account and then converting it back to a Business Account. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

We hope this helps! However, if you continue to have issues or if you have other questions, please use the chat icon at the bottom of your screen. We're here for you. :)


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