A company’s Influencer Settings can now be configured through the core Enterprise Manager [AreTheyHappy Team only]. Influencer settings are a Company-wide configuration.

For our esteemed partners, please reach out to us and we will set influencer counts for you asap.

For AreTheyHappy CS:

  1. Log in to the core Enterprise Manager.

  2. Search for a company from the Company tab and open the Company Settings.

  3. Expand the Inbox section of the company settings.

  4. Inside the Inbox section, each integration is listed along with the appropriate criterion for each.

Default Influencer Settings

Below are the Integrations and the default Influencers Settings

  1. Instagram - Followers: 500 (max 1,000,000)

  2. Foursquare - Followers: 25 (max 1,000,000)

  3. TripAdvisor - Posts: 25 (max 10,000)

  4. Yelp - Friends: 100 (max 1,000,000)

  5. Twitter - Followers: 100 (max 1,000,000)

  6. Zomato - Followers: 30 (max 1,000,000)

When are changes to Influencers applied?

After changing the influencer setting from the Enterprise Manager, the new settings will not immediately be applied to the company.

All changes are applied EVERY HOUR - when the hourly CRON job is executed.

  • New reviews that are pulled by the hourly CRON job are evaluated based on the new influencer settings.

  • The system will also recalculate the existing inbox items based on the new influencer settings.

Reach out if you have any questions!

The AreTheyHappy Internal Support Team

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